The Part-Book

The Part-Book connects the program and part relationship with an easy-to-use project management solution that save time and money!

The Part-Book helps streamline and standardize an automotive suppliers most complex business processes, such as quoting, new part launch and engineering change management. 

The Part-Book was designed and built for automotive suppliers as the system of record for all part related information.

The Part-Book improves the information gathering process; and it stores all of the part related facts, figures and documents in a database instead of a spreadsheet.  The result is that people have easy access to more reliable information, which saves time and money while reducing risk and enabling better decisions. 

     The Part-Book isn’t an ERP/MRP system; and it’s not just a document warehouse.


The Part-Book® – Features and Benefits

      The Part-Book has a deep set of features and functions that can benefit different departments or the entire organization, but they can be used as needed and scaled as desired.  Click on any of the boxes below to learn more.  

Customer Relationship Management

Keep track of key contacts with clear visibility of new business opportunities and other customer activities.

Quote Management

Feasibility, cost and timing are covered, so you’ll submit more accurate quotes, faster and without the risks.

Sales Forecasting

Get real time visibility of secured and unsecured sales opportunities; then slice and dice the info as needed.

Capacity Planning

Avoid shortages; and target the new business opportunities that maximize asset utilization and profit.

Program Management

Enables suppliers to group together part info that will significantly reduce redundant data entry

Engineering Change Management

We’ve solved the engineering change management riddle and simplified the process.

Project Management

With real time visibility of every project that’s in process things will never slip through the cracks again.

Financial Forecasting

The Part-Book provides visibility of top line revenue, bottom line profit and everything in between.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Enable capacity and profit optimizing decisions with the ability to easily compare make -vs- buy options.

Systems Integration

The Part-Book can work alone, but it was designed to work with an automotive suppliers exisiting systems as part of complete, closed-loop, data management solution.

  • ERP/MRP:  The Part-Book is friendly to ERP/MRP systems, allowing users to export the bill-of-materials and routing, plus other metadata, from the Part-Book to their ERP/MRP system.  Furthermore, once a part is in production, Actual results from your ERP/MRP system can be uploaded to the Part-Book; enabling the ability to compare the quoted, planned and actual cost of a part.

  • CAD/PLM:  The Part-Book works with your CAD/PLM systems by enabling CAD file storage, CAD file viewing, and seamless product design and manufacturing bill-of-materials version control.   

Part-Book Versions and Pricing