Contract Services

Are you an automotive supplier that is having a hard time finding or retaining qualified and capable employees, or is your company working on a large project that will require additional short-term (< 1 Year) resources?  If you answered yes, maybe we can help.

At Intertwine we provide short-term contract services for the following positions:

• Sales Account Manager

• Cost Estimator

• Cost Accountant

• Program Manager

• Project Manager

Through our contract services we provide skilled professionals that act like an employee, but without the trouble of recruiting, hiring and onboarding a new person. By providing these contract services we’re able to help our clients meet their short-term needs, without the risk of rushing to hire someone who may not be up to the tasks; or investing time and money into a person who might not really be interested, or needed, for a permanent, long-term position.

Whether you need part-time help or full-time help; and whether you need that help for one week or one year, or something in between – Intertwine will help fill the gap with an experienced professional who can hit the ground running and deliver exceptional results, satisfaction guaranteed!