About Intertwine

At Intertwine we’re focused on saving automotive suppliers time and money while reducing risk. 

The company was founded in 2009 and we’re located in Whitmore Lake, Michigan; close to Detroit, the automotive capital of the world.

We’re a small team capable of solving an automotive suppliers biggest problems!  

What makes us different is that we’re not an IT company that built a software solution for automotive suppliers; we’re people from the automotive supplier community who built an IT company.  We have a deep understanding and unique approach to solving the automotive supplier challenges.

We like to laugh and have fun, but we work hard and we’re passionate about what we do.  Several team members worked multiple jobs for years, because their was minimal direct financial compensation from Intertwine, but they believed in the vision and chose to continue supporting the company’s mission to make the world a better place for automotive suppliers.

We take pride in being experts at our craft while conducting our personal and professional lives with a high level of character and integrity.

We’re serious about privacy and data security.  We enjoy meeting and talking with other automotive professionals to hear their stories; however, you won’t really find us on social media.  Most importantly, we respect your right to privacy.  We don’t hound prospects with our sales pitch; and we’ll never sell or use customer data for our benefit.

We advocate for continuous improvement and champion positive change.  We know the world will never be a perfect place, but that’s no reason to continue doing something a certain way when you know it doesn’t work.  As an organization, we’ll always work toward the continuous improvement of our company, products and services; and as individuals we strive to be the best version of ourselves.   

The Intertwine Team

Our Business Partners

Nobody can do it alone!  We all need help at some point.  We’re fortunate to have well established and trusted partners who are really good at what they do.  Our business partners have the global presence and depth to cover the areas outside of our reach and expertise!

Microsoft:  Intertwine is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network.  The Part-Book was built with tools from the Microsoft Development Network (MSDN) toolbox, it runs on a Microsoft SQL database, it's hosted in the Microsoft Cloud (Azure), it work with Microsoft Excel and leverages Microsoft's Power BI platform for reporting.

Tebi Technologies:   Our valued software development partner is a global provider of skilled ASP.NET, Data Analytics, SQL, Mobile and Microsoft Cloud technical resources.  We count on Tebi Technologies because they've gained our trust as a development partner that will deliver quality work, on time, at a cost effective price.  We highly recommend Anubhav and his team:  here