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The #1 Program, Part & Project Management software solution available. Designed and built specifically for automotive suppliers.

Are you tired of chasing data around spreadsheets with inconsistent results and information?


The problem is that between designing the product and getting it into production these companies have a systems gap, so they use manually dependent processes, plus emails and uncontrolled spreadsheets for things like quoting, product launch, engineering change management, sales forecasting and capacity planning.

The Part-Book fills the systems gap by moving an automotive supplier’s program, part and project management activities into a seamless and structured system with a database; that’s what the Part-Book does.

Most automotive suppliers have a CAD or PLM system for managing the 3D product design data, including the design bill of materials and product version.








Most automotive suppliers also have an ERP/MRP system for managing the manufacturing bill of materials and routing once a part goes into production.

How does the Part-Book work?

The Part-Book connects the Program and Part relationship to help suppliers keep track of how and where their parts are used as well as the quantity, take rate, ship-to location(s) and volume.  It also maintains Program and Part history.  As a Project Management solution, Part-Book helps standardize, streamline and control the Quoting, Product Launch, and Engineering Change Management processes.




One of the things that makes the Part-Book so unique is its ability to compare the quoted, planned and actual versions of a part side by side to help uncover the underlying risks and opportunities for suppliers.

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Improve communication

The automotive customer-supplier commercial relationship is complicated; and mistakes can be costly.  The Part-Book helps reduce risk with workflows that standardize and streamline your quoting, product launch and engineering change management processes, so nobody is left out and nothing gets missed.  In addition, our proprietary eRFQ™ tool will allow you to collaborate with suppliers to quickly and accurately capture the feasibility, cost and timing for the products and services you will need to buy, while doing business under terms, conditions and assumptions that align.

Collect actionable data

It's time to get organized with all your data for predictable and consistent results!

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