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Are you tired of chasing data around spreadsheets with inconsistent results and information?


         At Intertwine we provide high value data management solutions at an affordable price, with minimal disruption or risk.

     We understand the automotive supplier landscape.  We know the challenges that come with being an automotive supplier because we’ve been there!  We’re in the business of offering simple solutions to an automotive supplier’s most complex problems by providing the tools, training and teamwork required to do the job right:

Software:   The Part-Book was designed specifically for automotive suppliers; and it’s the official Program, Part and Project Management system of record!  Click here to learn more!

Consulting:   We know that software alone isn’t enough. To achieve their full potential, automotive suppliers need a few different systems; the software systems need to be supported by business processes that drive timely and accurate data inputs; and of course people must be trained on how to use the systems and follow the processes.  Let us help you put the pieces in place.  Click here to learn more!

Contract Services:  Are you an automotive supplier looking for a temporary or part-time: Sales Manager, Account Manager, Cost Estimator, Cost Accountant, Program Manager or Buyer? Our team of experienced automotive professionals can help you quickly fill the void if someone leaves, during peak periods; or if you just want to see how our best practice approach will work in one of these roles.  Click here to learn more!

Improve communication

The automotive customer-supplier relationship is complicated; and in high-volume production small mistakes can cost big money. 

     The Part-Book helps reduce risk with workflows that standardize and streamline your quoting, product launch and engineering change management processes, so nobody is left out and nothing gets missed. 

     Our eRFQ™ tool allows you to collaborate with suppliers by quickly and accurately capturing the feasibility, cost and timing of the products and services you'll need to buy; while making sure you're doing business under terms and conditions that are aligned.

Collect actionable data

     Are you ready to stop chasing data around spreadsheets?  Do you want to get organized, so the information you need is at your fingertips?  Would you like access to accurate information, with predictable and consistent results?

"I wasn't able to find the right solution for our organization until I discovered the Part-Book. It does exactly what we need and it's really easy to use."

– Ken Wisinski, Global Director of Program Management