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Business Process Management (BPM)

Streamline Complex Business Processes


Business Process Management (BPM) software was designed to bridge the systems gap for Automotive Suppliers.  Most of these companies have a CAD or PLM (Computer-Aided Design or Product Lifecycle Management) system to manage the Design BOM (Bill of Materials), and most also have an ERP/MRP (Enterprise/Material Resource Planning) system which is used to manage the Manufacturing BOM and Routing, plus the Customer Order / Work Order process that drives the shop floor and day to day activities and month-end accounting and finance activities.  However, every supplier we talk to is struggling with the quoting, product launch, and engineering change management process that happens between the product design in the CAD/PLM system and the final version of the Manufacturing BOM that drives the ERP/MRP system, including the account jobs, etc.; and that’s where Q-It fits.  

Our Project Management software was designed specifically for Automotive Suppliers, enabling them to simplify, streamline and standardize complex business processes with workflows that ensure consistency and fully integrated reporting that drives accountability.  Let’s face it, the automotive industry is different, plus it’s ultra-competitive and demanding, which means that companies operating in this space need to have a combination of seamless business processes and lean manufacturing operations to be successful.      

One of the things that make our Business Process Management software different from other solutions is our proprietary Project Tracking Matrix™, which provides clear visibility of every project (quote, product launch, and engineering change) that is in process.  Our software makes it easy to see where things are at and if everything is on schedule, which enables management to allocate additional time and resources where required before it’s too late.

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