Regardless of industry, Q-It connects the customer, program and part relationship in an easy to use project management (C3PM) system that saves time and money!

Don't fall into the trap of paying a fortune trying to customize your ERP/MRP system to do something it wasn't designed to do; and don't settle for another single purpose tool that only solves part of the problem.

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C3PM software is the most comprehensive solution on the market to help manufacturing companies in the automotive, aerospace, commercial vehicle, electronics and medical device industries seamlessly integrate the Customer Relationship Management, Program Management, Part Management and Project Management elements of their business in one easy to use Bill of Materials driven solution.


Q-It Users and Features

  • Cost Estimating

    Cost Modeling, Quote Modeling, Product Costing, Quote Management, Quote History, Quote Comparison Tool, Quote Revisions, Quotes on Time

  • Program Management

    Team Feasibility, Workflows, Tool Timing, Project Tracking, PPAP Process Management, Engineering Change Management

  • Sales

    Sales Forecasting, Price History & Comparison, % of Business Won, RM Surcharge Management, Purchase Order Management, Tool Order Management

  • Purchasing

    Supplier Quote Management, Supplier Quote Comparison, Supplier Selection, Supplier Contacts, Supplier Timing, Supplier Scorecards

  • Manufacturing

    Operator Instructions, Set-up Sheets, MSDS Documents, Deviation Request Management, Packaging and Transportation

  • Finance

    Cost Models, Capital Depreciation, Financial Summary, Financial Forecast

  • Quality

    8D Quality Issue Module, APQP Documentation Control, PPAP Documentation, Print Management

  • Management

    Dashboard for Key Performance Metrics, Capacity Planning, Employee Workload

In addition to Q-It as a fully integrated software system; each set of features is available as a gap solution that can be integrated with existing software systems.

For additional details please click here or call (800) 876-9477(800) 876-9477.

Spend less time and get more accurate information in real-time: Q-It

Cloud Benefits


Real time information and reports are organized to facilitate good decision making; and accessible almost anywhere and anytime.

Cost Reduction:

Streamlined business processes and improved data access reduce wasted time while economies of scale lower operating cost.

Revenue Growth:

Faster response times and more accurate information improve the customer experience and deepen loyalty while reducing cost makes you even more competitive.

Focus on Core Business:

Avoid the cost and distraction of building and maintaining IT infrastructure and convert IT into Business Strategist that help drive growth and improved efficiency.

Better Services:

Reputable providers like our partner, Microsoft, have faster page load times and provide superior security, uptime, backup and disaster recovery.

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