Q-It Quote Management

Q-It Quote Management helps Automotive Suppliers improve the speed and accuracy of their quote process by an average of nearly 50% while preventing companies from winning or losing business for the wrong reasons.


Q-it provides clear visibility of the complete quote history, including the ability to easily model multiple options and scenarios and then compare them side by side to support better decision-making and outcomes during negotiations.


What makes Q-It quote management software for automotive suppliers unique from other software solutions is that it recognizes that a “quote” is about more than just the cost and price. Q-It captures the feasibility, cost, price, and timing because it doesn’t really matter how much an item costs if it can’t be manufactured efficiently and effectively, or delivered on time.


In addition, with Q-It Insights™ we’ve leveraged Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) to create dashboards that provide clear visibility of key metrics with actionable items that help automotive suppliers measure performance while providing insight to improve their quote process and grow sales more profitably.

Learn more about how we can improve your business by exploring the many Q-It Feature and Benefits below!

Q-It Features and Benefits

Customer Relationship Management

(CRM) software was designed specifically for Automotive Suppliers

Quote Management

improve the speed + accuracy of the quote process

Sales Forecasting

See beyond the short term forecast system in a small fraction of the time

Capacity Planning

Capture the program to part relationship, including takes rates and quantity per vehicle at every level 

Program Management

Enables suppliers to group together part info that will significantly reduce redundant data entry

Engineering Change Management

the ultimate software solution for helping Automotive Suppliers solve one of their most complex challenges

Project Management

Q-It focuses on things like quoting, product launch, and engineering change management processes

Financial Forecasting

See beyond the top-line revenue provided by a sales forecast, and further then the short-term forecast

Business Process Management

Our Project Tracking Matrix™ gives clear visibility of your projects (quote, product launch + engineering change) in process

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