Part management software that saves time and money by making it quick and easy to find the latest information!

The Part-Book™ in Q-It is the ideal part management tool for manufacturing companies, because it’s a bill of materials driven system that makes finding the latest information quick and easy.


The Q-It Part-Book™ part management system keeps track of the entire part history, including every quote, engineering change, prototype or sample part request and order. Our proprietary approach provides a web based part management system that lays the foundation for standardized, streamlined and controlled business processes that eliminate waste and support better resource and profit optimizing decisions.


Q-It is the best part management software system on the market, because it's a customized bill of materials driven system that's designed to fit each companies core business, with additional features and benefits that are not available in other solutions:

  • Bill of Materials Management
  • Engineering Change Management
  • CAD and Print Version Control
  • Document Control
  • Quote - Management, History and Comparison Tool
  • Sales and Financial Planning and Forecasting
  • Labor Planning and Forecasting
  • Capacity Planning and Forecasting
  • Supplier Request for Proposal (RFP) Integration
  • Quality Management System (8D Problem Solving Approach)
  • Part Deviation Management and Tracking
  • Workflow and User Work Queue
  • Tooling and Asset Management (Cost, Timing, Location and Images)
  • Quote/Plan/Actual Comparison Capability
  • Team Feasibility Assessment
  • Raw Material Economic Adjustment Management
  • Productivity Reduction Planning and Forecasting
  • Packaging and Transportation Software

But don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials. If you’re interested in learning more, we invite you to complete the form to the right today and we’ll contact you to schedule a no cost, no obligation Introduction Meeting and Demo.

Thank you for your interest in Intertwine and Q-It.

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