Did you know that packaging & transportation related issues represent one of the biggest reasons for quality concerns and rejections?

Packaging and transportation plans are often the last things that come together when launching a new program or part, because they can’t be finalized while the design, sourcing and assembly plans are still fluid. As a result, packaging and transportation continue to be some of the most overlooked elements of being successful in the manufacturing business. Here’s are some reasons to care more about packaging and transportation:

  • Cost and Price – when you operate in an ultra-competitive, high volume manufacturing environment such as the automotive industry; a conservative packaging and transportation estimate might be the difference between winning and losing a multi-million dollar new business opportunity; and an overly aggressive one can result in financial losses. That’s why accuracy and precision are critical when it comes to packaging and transportation cost.
  • Quality - Depending on product and industry; anywhere from 15 – 50% of quality concerns and rejections are attributed to packaging or transportation problems as the root cause. Packaging and transportation related quality issues are sometimes relatively simple things, such as labels, graphics and part count; however, improper packaging and transportation methods can also result in rust, damaged parts, spoilage, contamination, etc. When the customer is affected so is the bottom line and your company’s reputation.
  • Labor Efficiency – sometimes goods are packed in bulk and it’s not an issue; however, it’s not unusual for a part or product to require special care when being packed or transported. When this becomes the bottleneck in a process it ultimately affects either the labor cost or the throughput, because someone or something has to give. Unfortunately, most companies lack the tools to provide awareness of these things until after they happen and become a problem.

Q-It Packaging and Transportation software features and benefits:

  • Packaging Specifications – easy electronic access to the correct packaging information saves people time and enables the system, or operator, to verify that each container is packed and labeled correctly, which goes a long way toward eliminating the silly, reoccurring issues that result in lost profits and points on your scorecard; and suck the life out of the people responsible for trying to prevent it from happening.
  • Packaging and Transportation Cost Calculators – Improve the accuracy of your quotes to win more business. Enable the ability to quickly model and compare different packaging and transportation scenarios to make the best decisions. Put you and your team in a position to accurately capture and reconcile the incremental impact of each change that occurs along the way, so neither you or your customer are overpaying……knowledge is power!
  • Fleet Calculator for Returnable Containers – returnable containers are often times the most cost effective packaging solution; however, the downside of using returnable containers is that they require a significant up-front investment. The Fleet Calculator for returnable containers allows the user to enter the basic details for the “loop” and then automatically calculates the optimum number of containers required, including the ability to model different scenarios and compare them side by side to help make the best decisions.

It’s about time that companies recognize the important role that packaging and transportation have in their success; and those who act quickly might turn something their competitors are overlooking into a competitive advantage. For more information, please fill out the form on the right to schedule a no cost, no obligation Introduction Meeting and Demo.

Thank you for your interest in Intertwine and Q-It.

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