21 Mar

Why C3PM Software is better than Salesforce CRM for Automotive Suppliers

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As part of the digital transformation occurring within many industries; there is a trend within the automotive supplier community toward the adaptation of CRM or Customer Relationship Management systems such as Salesforce. Their is no denying the benefits of a CRM system over email and spreadsheets; and we’re not trying to knock Salesforce, but for companies in the automotive supplier space they often find that a CRM solution like Salesforce falls short of meeting the complete business needs.

Provided below are the three biggest shortcomings of a CRM system; and an explanation of how a Customer, Program, Part and Project Management (C3PM) system like Q-It is different and better:

CRM systems provide Sales Forecasts; C3PM systems provide a complete Financial Forecast and Capacity Planning view – Most CRM systems like Salesforce only capture top line revenue from which assumptions must be made to create a complete financial forecast. What makes Q-It different is that it’s a bill of materials driven system that provides visibility of the top line, bottom line and everything in between, including machine capacity utilization; and that’s better because this level of detail is necessary to make the best projections and decisions.

CRM systems are primarily single purpose tools; C3PM systems help connect all of the relationships, systems and spreadsheets – Customer relationship management is important, because without happy customers you don’ have a business; however, CRM systems don’t have the process details or the associated cost and price calculations that are used when creating the item master and setting up the standard cost in an ERP/MRP system, so the value in integrating these systems is minimal and results in another disconnected system that drives redundant data entry. By contrast, C3PM software has all the details associated with each opportunity; and it’s better because it can also work alone, but it’s designed to be friendly with existing CAD, PLM, ERP, MRP and other systems to create a complete closed loop data management solution – (click) here to check out our simple integration strategy with the most common systems, including Salesforce.

CRM was built for general purposes; C3PM software was designed and built based on automotive industry principles and practices – Salesforce CRM was built as a sales tool for sales people across multiple industries, including food and beverage, retail, etc. It has evolved into a platform of over 3,000 different applications to meet the different needs of various roles and industries. However, the automotive industry is unique, with strange terminology and business rules. The bottom line is that as important as Customer Relationship Management is, it’s only one piece of the puzzle and having to sort through, select, negotiate terms and piece together multiple applications to meet the complete business needs is challenging. What makes C3PM different (and better) is that in addition to basic CRM; it captures the Customer to Program to Part relationship in a complete Project Management system designed to simplify, streamline and control the core business processes for automotive suppliers; such as quoting, product launch and engineering change management. C3PM is a fully integrated system that includes real-time sales, financial and capacity planning reports that eliminates the need for multiple applications.

Don’t make the mistake of buying a single purpose CRM tool (or spend a fortune trying to make your ERP/MRP system do something it was never intended to do) without taking the time to learn more about C3PM software.

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