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16 Jun

From the increasing amount of time we spend on our Cell Phones to Autonomous Drive, The Connected Car, The Internet of Things and the further adaptation of Cloud Software we are becoming more and more of a technology driven culture. As Mark Fields, Ford Motor Company CEO, recently noted (here) “If you stand back and consider all of the enabling technologies available in our business today, we are at an inflection point in our industry.”  He goes on to say that “We understand the….

25 May

If you’re a manufacturing company that does anything more than $5 – $10 million in sales annually and you don’t already have an ERP System we’re not really talking about you. We think ERP is an important piece of the puzzle, so if you fall into that category we recommend developing a plan to find the solution that is right for your company. If you already have an ERP System and are considering a new one we want to help you make the best….

25 May

Last year about this time in a meeting with the President and CFO of my then employer the question of Capacity Utilization fractured the relationship between me and a long-time friend and colleague “Mark”. In fact, in hindsight; it really signaled the beginning of the end of my time there. “What’s Capacity?” is a tough question, because there is much more to the answer than the simple equation: Quantity of Parts / Parts per Hour = Hours Required. In fact, there are several reasons….

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