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22 Sep

If you’re part of a $50+ Million per year manufacturing company that suffers from a culture of chaos and confusion; answer the following questions to see if it’s the result of a systems gap: • Are you manually moving data between spreadsheets and other single purpose tools for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Program Management and Project Management, such as Quoting, Product Launch, Engineering Change Management, Prototype, Sample and Service Part Requests? • Do you and your team move that data again to generate Sales….

21 Aug

Let’s face it; we all have a limited amount of time available. You might know some people who are content just plodding along, but if you’re like me and most of the people I know you’re passionate about like; and when you work you try to be efficient and effective to accomplish as much as possible. For me personally, I decided along time ago that I no longer wanted to waste roughly 35% of my time looking for the information to perform basic tasks….

02 Aug

At Intertwine we’re out to change the game for our Customers who are Original Equipment Manufacturers, Tier One and Tier Two Suppliers to the Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Agriculture and Medical Industries by providing the missing piece to their CAD/PLM and ERP/MRP Software System(s). The Q-It Bill of Materials Management Solution enables our Customers to quickly filter through the noise, focus on the real opportunities and model multiple scenarios; including the ability to compare them side by side, then develop the solution that minimizes cost….

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