31 Jan

Top 7 Information Security Questions

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As someone who plays the role of a cloud solution customer and supplier it seems like I’m having conversations about IT security almost every day. If you’re as concerned about this stuff as I am; here are some good questions to ask your IT Security Professionals or Service Providers, regardless of whether your running your business with on-premise servers, in the cloud, or a hybrid model:

• Is there an audit trail that can tell us who entered each piece of data and when?

• What are the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in IT Security, including our Vendors?

• What is the frequency and process for monitoring information security compliance; and are we reinforcing non-compliance with the appropriate training and actions?

• Are all data transmissions encrypted, including server to server transmissions within the network or data center?

• Who has access to the logs and what controls are in place to prevent unauthorized viewing and copying?

• Has the location of our data been certified to a recognized information security standard; and if so, which one and what is included within the scope of the certification?

• Can we (and do we) regularly self test the vulnerability of our system and immediately correct any shortcomings?

At Intertwine we recognize that a security breach of our information systems could have catastrophic consequences, so we’re not going to wait for it to happen then ask how or why. We take a proactive approach to information security by asking ourselves the above questions on a regular basis. We also make it a top priority to modify whatever behaviors and procedures we need to in order to correct deficiencies, then regularly monitor and adjust our security game plan as required. Security is just one part of the many pieces it takes to provide a robust and reliable information technology experience for our customers, but we recognize it as a very important piece and it must be treated like a job that is never done.

About the Author: Todd Norwood is the founder and CEO of Intertwine Corporation and a recognized thought leader, speaker and panelist specializing in business process optimization and information technology solutions for the automotive and commercial vehicle industries. His industry experience includes a 20 year career at Tier I Metal Stamping Suppliers where he ascended from Production Associate to Director of Sales and Marketing. During this time he played a key role as a management team member of two successful turn-around situations while securing and managing over $1 Billion in Sales within the automotive OEM and Supplier Community. His diverse work experience and the amazing people he’s worked with are credited for helping create and deliver on the vision for Q-It; a software application that captures the Customer to Program to Part relationship in an easy to use Project management system that was recognized as a Finalist at the 2015 Global Automotive Innovation Challenge (GAIC).

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