Looking for ERP/MRP system modules or add-on software solutions to fill a systems gap?


At Intertwine we think it's time people recognized enterprise resource planning (ERP) and material resource planning (MRP) systems for what they are; systems designed to manage the customer order, work order process and all of the things that go with that, such as material planning, production scheduling, inventory management and month end accounting. We believe that having an ERP/MRP system is a critical piece to an effective information management system. However, history is full of companies who've proven that trying to turn an ERP/MRP system into something it wasn’t designed for is a costly mistake. Countless companies have invested significant time and money into ERP/MRP system modules, customizations and add on features only to realize in the end that it never seems to work quite right. Over time most companies abandon these projects and revert back to spreadsheets, but some people are determined to make the system they have work, so they make sacrifices or spend years of time and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe more), trying to find the solution.


Q-It isn't an ERP/MRP system, but it's the missing piece to one; and it can work alone or with existing systems and spreadsheets. Our over 300 customer discovery interviews have confirmed what we thought: today most manufacturing companies have a gap between their CAD/PLM system, which manages the design bill of materials; and their ERP/MRP system which manages the manufacturing bill of materials and operations that drives the shop floor. The problem is that for everything in between most companies are using loosely controlled spreadsheets; and as a result their struggling with poor visibility and data integrity while their most skilled and expensive salaried employees spend approximately 25% of their time doing redundant data entry, looking for the basic information required to complete routine tasks, or creating and maintaining spreadsheet templates.

Q-It is unique because it's easy to use, flexible and affordable, but that's not all. What separates Q-It from other software solutions is that it's friendly to existing systems and was optimally designed to work with an ERP/MRP system to create a complete, closed loops data management solution. Additionally, Q-It isn't just a single purpose tool like some of the other add on solutions available on the market, it's a complete Customer, Program, Part and Project lifecycle management system that has the following features available in one solution:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Program Management
  • Part Management
  • Project Management
  • Bill of Materials Management
  • Quote Management, History and Comparison Tool
  • Sales and Financial Forecasting
  • Capacity and Labor Planning
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Electronic Supplier Request for Proposal (eRFP)
  • Quality Management System
  • Project Team and Workflow
  • Tooling and Asset Management
  • Quote/Plan/Actual Comparison Capability
  • Team Feasibility Assessment
  • Raw Material Economic Adjustment Management
  • CAD/Print/Document Version Control
  • Productivity Reduction Planning and Forecasting
  • Packaging and Transportation Software

That's not all, but probably the most amazing features about Q-It is how affordable and easy to use it is. We invite you to fill out the form to the right today and we’ll contact you to schedule a no cost, no obligation Introduction Meeting and Demo that will allow you to quickly see if Q-It is the right solution for your system(s) gap(s).

Thank you for your interest in Intertwine and Q-It.

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