Simplify, streamline, standardize and control the engineering change management process!


Engineering change management is difficult; and if your company likes to go in low to win the business with the idea that you'll make it up later on engineering changes, then putting the tools in place to control this process can be the difference between making and losing money. What makes engineering change management so difficult is the combination of a lot of things. For starters it disrupts the current flow; and if their are timing and cost implications those things need to be considered and reviewed; and the more people affected by the change the more complicated, because everyone does things a little differently, including using different terminology.

When it comes to Engineering Change Management; here are the key features of Q-It that help simplify, streamline and standardize the process to ensure that you and your team are in control of what’s happening:

  • The Q-BOM™ – it's the quote bill of materials, which is really a mash-up of the materials and operations associated with manufacturing a part; and it makes maintaining CAD, print, bill of materials and engineering change management version control fast and easy. People save time, the company saves money, information accuracy is improved and confusion is reduced.
  • The Part-Book™ – maintains the entire program and part revision history, so you can quickly see every quote, engineering change, prototype and production iteration that’s taken place throughout the lifecycle; and it keeps track of all the different cross reference numbers and documents that go with each version.
  • Program, Part, Project and BOM Item Comparison – with engineering changes sometimes the cost of a part goes up, sometimes it goes down, but the end goal of each change should be to increase Net Profit as a % of Sales. To do this people must be able to see how the decisions they make affect cost and profit; and this means they need the ability to compare each option side by side to make the best decisions. Sometimes a high level comparison is needed and sometimes the granular details are required, which is why Q-It provides the ability to compare options at the program, part, project and bill of materials item level; no other system does that.
  • The Project Tracking Matrix™ – how much does the lost productivity and inconsistency of a manually dependent engineering change process cost? The mistakes, errors and oversight of lost, buried or forgotten emails cost most companies more than they like to admit. The Project Tracking Matrix™ provides clear visibility of every quote, product launch and engineering change that's in process. The Project Tracking Matrix is driven by our project team and workflow tools, which were designed with the flexibility to adapt to each companies unique culture and preference, because we find that our customers don't really need to change what they do; they just need the right tools to have robust and repeatable business processes that delivery consistent results.

Intertwine is part of the Microsoft Partner Network, which enables our customers to leverage existing resources and familiar tools to see results quickly. However, we know that words will never be as convincing as the hands on experience, so when you are ready, we encourage you to fill out the form on the right to schedule a no cost, no obligation Introduction Meeting and Demo

Thank you for your interest in Intertwine and Q-It.

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