Commercial Optimization Management Software

Are you looking for robust and repeatable business processes that seamlessly integrate quoting, financial forecasting, capacity planning and engineering change management visibility?


Intertwine commercial optimization software was designed to create a secure platform for automotive manufacturers and suppliers to collaborate on the programs and part where they share a common interest, using a standardized project management solution that streamlines and controls their core business processes to save the average knowledge worker approximately 300 hours per year while improving net profit for everyone by, on average, 1% of sales.


Q-It is a Commercial Optimization Management (COM) software application that combines customer relationship management, program management, part management and project management features in a bill of materials driven system that can work alone or be integrated to work with existing (CAD/PLM/ERP/MRP/Other) systems and spreadsheets.

Being part of the Microsoft Partner Network is a unique part of our value proposition, because it allows our customers to leverage existing resources and familiar tools to significantly reduce the investment of time and money that it would take to achieve similar results from other systems.

For most of our customers, Q-It is the missing piece to their enterprise or material resource planning (ERP/MRP) system, helping to facilitate the quoting and advanced sales and engineering processes. What separates Q-It commercial optimization management software from other applications is a combination of the ease of use and depth of features, plus we recognize that software is only part of the solution. In order to be effective, software must be supported by business processes that facilitate the timely and accurate inputs of key information; and employees need to be trained on both. The key to making it all work is keeping it simple with software that adapts to what each customer does, so they don't have to learn how to do things a whole new way.

We've made it all easy and affordable with a low cost pilot trial that allows users to get comfortable with the software and validate fit and benefits with minimal risk or disruption. If you're interested in learning more, please fill out the form on the right and we'll contact you to schedule a no cost, no obligation Introduction Meeting and Demo.

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