Capacity planning software that provides the visibility necessary to enable better resource and profit optimizing decisions!

Machine capacity utilization is calculated as follows:

(Volume / Pieces per Hour) / Hours Available = % of Capacity Utilization


Therefore, capacity planning is pretty simple if you have the tools in place to facilitate it. However, because ERP/MRP systems can only project as far as releases; and things are always moving with different volume scenarios, engineering changes and the perpetual flow of different quote iterations on new business opportunities, it's virtually impossible to maintain on spreadsheets.


As members of the Microsoft Partner Network we enable our customers to leverage existing resources and familiar tools to see results on day one, with minimal investment or disruption to on-going operations. Utilizing tools from the Microsoft toolbox is part of what makes Q-It capacity planning software really easy to set-up and use. With little effort you’ll be able to quickly model different scenarios that will provide a clear picture of machine capacity planning and utilization that goes beyond what an ERP/MRP system or spreadsheet can do.

Q-It is a web based application, which means it provides real time visibility of capacity almost anytime, from almost anywhere. Q-It makes it easy to quickly filter through the quote noise and see how the high probability opportunities in the sales funnel will impact machine and resource capacity utilization. The insight and automated reports in Q-It help your sales team stayed focused on the thing that matters the most, which isn't just growing top line revenue, it's developing a strategy targeted at winning new business that optimizes existing resource capacity utilization with minimal investment and maximum profit.

However, beware of buying a capacity planning software application that's only a single purpose tool. What separates Q-It capacity planning software from others on the market is part of our Secret Sauce (click).

If you’re interested in learning more complete the form to the right today and we’ll contact you to schedule a no cost, no obligation Introduction Meeting and Demo that's designed to help companies define and quantify the problem while providing an outline of the solution specifications that will enable them to make the best decision for their company. It’s all free; and it's designed to show you how to quickly and easily connect the pieces to address the long term capacity planning challenge once and for all.

Thank you for your interest in Intertwine and Q-It.

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