Customer, program, part and project management (C3PM) software that saves automotive suppliers time and money!

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Do you lack trust and confidence in the information and data available? Are you spending over 10% of your time doing redundant data entry and looking for the information required to complete routine tasks?

Customer, program, part and project management (C3PM) software is part of the Internet of Things (IoT) movement; and it's at the center of the digital transformation for automotive supplier. Q-It C3PM software is a customer relationship management system that connects the program to part relationship in an easy to use project management system that saves time and money by streamlining, standardizing and controlling the core business processes for automotive suppliers. Our bill of materials driven system and unique approach makes it easy for the commercial team (sales, engineering, purchasing, cost estimating, finance, quality and operations) with fully integrated quoting, product launch, engineering change management, financial forecasting and capacity planning processes and reports. Simply put, C3PM provides the visibility and insight that’s necessary to align the organization and develop strategies that optimize resource utilization while minimizing investment and risk.

Here are some of the things that make Q-It C3PM software different than other solutions on the market:

  • More than just a Quote System: most quote systems give you cost and price, but Q-It also includes feasibility and timing, because cost and price don’t matter if the part can’t be produced repeatedly and cost effectively to the tolerances and specifications, or delivered on time.
  • Unique BOM Item Types for Customized Feel: regardless of your core business (metal stamping, machining, casting, assembly, plastic injection mold, etc.) we have a model that fits your business, or a system flexible enough that if it doesn't exist today we can create one at no additional cost.
  • More than just a CRM System: most CRM systems, such as Salesforce and Saphran, give you contacts and sales opportunities but it’s only top line revenue and that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Q-It is a CRM system with fully integrated quoting, complete financial forecasting, machine capacity and labor planning in a bill of materials management system.
  • Captures the Quoted, Planned and Actual Story: sometimes things change, or for other reasons what was "Quoted" to the Customer isn’t the same as what’s in the Business "Plan" and, of course, “Actual" results may vary. Having the ability to compare and contrast the Quoted/Planned/Actual version of a part in real time is the key to improving data integrity and exposing the underlying risks and opportunities for your business.
  • Easy to Use, Low Risk and No Long Term Commitment: unlike PLM or ERP/MRP systems, Q-It is easy to use as proven by the 90+% of users who report feeling “comfortable” after just one partial day of training. Additionally, Q-It doesn’t require a big investment or long term commitment. Customers pay only for what they want and need and can cancel anytime without having to worry about losing data. Satisfaction is guaranteed!!!

C3PM software is different than other enterprise software applications; and we mean that in a good way. Don’t make the mistake of comparing the purchase or implementation of Q-It C3PM software to an ERP/MRP system, because they're different systems for different purposes and the result is a very different experience.

Intertwine is part of the Microsoft Partner Network, which enables our customers to leverage existing resources and familiar tools to see results quickly. However, we know that words will never be as convincing as the hands on experience, which is why, if Q-It looks like it might be right for your business, we encourage you to fill out the form on the right to schedule a no cost, no obligation Introduction Meeting and Demo.

Thank you for your interest in Intertwine and Q-It our Customer, Program, Part and Project Management (C3PM) software solution.

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